Spontaneous Qi Gong

Spontaneous Qi Gong (Zi Ran Men Qi Gong) emerged at the royal court during the Ming dynasty, to provide the emperor and his followers the best healing arts available. It was composed of a combination of Taoist practices and elements of Buddhism and Confucianism as well as Chinese medicine and martial arts. The lineage holder, Dr Zhang Zheng Bin, began – as ordered by his Master Liu – to teach Westerners these movement and healing arts at the beginning of the 90s.

The spontaneous movement exercises dissolve stress and bring static blockades into an energetic flow. A joyous openness and lifestyle ensues. The exercises in a seated pose deepen the cognitive ability, creative imagination capacity and lead to a meditative concentration.

Zi Ran Men Qi Gong reinforces the body’s defense system and enhances health.

My wife Monika and I have been practicing since 2003 and are very impressed.
We offer two exercise units in our house weekly. These exercises are open for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners in other Qi Gong styles.

Monday 18.30 – 20.30
Friday 14.30 – 16.30

In addition, there are introductory seminars offered several times a year on Saturdays from 10.00-13.00. Every year in spring, the lineage holder, Dr Zhang, and Nora Koubek visit us and offer an intensive seminar from Friday evening until Sunday.

For questions please contact: +49-89-835179