In the course of my work as an artist and teacher, I have discovered two things: We humans, mentally and psychologically, ‘function’ according to the same blueprint and each of us is his/her own individual which exists as a unique entity in this world. Because we are so entangled in the individual content of our lives, we overlook this blueprint.

We do not use the great opportunities that it contains, but rather struggle against ‘details’ that disturb us. However, as soon as we take a pause and direct our reflection on internal and external patterns that operate automatically and unconsciously, we are in the position to dissolve obstructive conditioning.

Here is where PatternCoaching is employed. There is one thing that patterns don’t like: contact. As soon as patterns are subjected to observation, they begin to change. We can open patterns by activating our senses and return to an alertness of the primary, uncategorized, unevaluated state of being.

This alertness toward the internal and external allows us to feel how different patterns affect us. The opening of patterns enables us to restart and reactivate our own resources.


Regarding this method, I offer a tailor-made training suited to your needs.

You can also book me to provide supervision for your activities as coach, consultant, and therapist.


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